Lisa Drucker
Hire a professional writer/editor to transform
your ideas into polished, stand-out copy.

Writing & Editing Services

Writing & Content Creation

  • Creation/development of written content from client’s raw ideas/data
  • Repurposing legacy content
  • Copywriting (all types)
  • Advertising copy and advertorials
  • Press releases/media copy
  • Product descriptions (for media copy, launches, and e-mail/fax blasts)
  • Ghostwriting and credited collaboration
  • Crafting and/or critiquing proposals and/or manuscripts for submission to traditional publishers
  • Evaluating/critiquing manuscripts for self-publication (print and/or digital)
  • Corporate literature and speechwriting
  • Catalog, sell-sheet, and/or point-of-interest feature copywriting
  • Writing direct into Content Management System (CMS) back-end (Joomla, .Net)

All above services can be provided for print, digital, and web formats, or any combination thereof, depending upon client specifications and preferences. If your specific needs are not listed on our site, contact us to discuss so we can customize what we do to meet what you seek.

All rates quoted are confidential and based on each client’s specific requirements.

Editing & Proofreading

  • All levels of editing and rewriting, for virtually any genre, purpose, and/or format
  • Levels of editing:
    • developmental editing
    • substantive editing
    • line editing
    • copyediting
  • Proofreading/consistency maintenance—is accompanied by the guarantee of an experienced editor’s eye for detail and accuracy, an invaluable asset to all types of writing
  • Content Management System (CMS) back-end editing/proofreading (Joomla, .Net)
  • Research and fact-checking
  • Glossary/technical terminology section preparation
  • Style-sheeting
  • In-line editing with track changes
  • Pouring of text/copy for use in design software

All rates quoted are confidential and based on each client’s specific requirements.

(For more about our philosophy: Finding the Right Words/Putting It in Writing; for details about what we offer: Writing & Editing Services and Content Development; also see which level of service is right for you. Contact us to discuss your objectives, and allow us the opportunity to provide a professional assessment of the optimal way to approach your material.)