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Lisa Drucker

21st-Century Word Guru

​Lots of book lovers and printed-word lovers are tearing their hair over the “demon” technology

of the web and electronic devices that are heralding the demise of words. But words will live as long as people do. Words are a major part of the way we connect with one another. In the 4th century BC, Plato feared writing as much as many still fear the web and technology—even if they don’t admit that fear. Poor Plato! That was just writing by hand (chirography, it’s called—yes, this is the domain of the word guru!)—imagine what his neurosis over the printing press might have been. Little news flash for Plato: Without chirography—and later, typography—no one today would know about him or Socrates. Or a multitude of other thinkers and writers who have shaped our world over the past 2,000-plus years.

Technology has been part of civilization forever—from the wheel and hieroglyphics to the web and smartphones—invention and innovation are among the best human activities. Creativity is life! And the Internet gives us the opportunity to connect more than ever before. Most of this connecting involves writing. That isn’t a problem. The problem is that not everyone can write. It isn’t a crime or a big deal. Grammar and punctuation bore a lot of people, and spelling rules can drive people nuts. E-mailing and texting and chatting have caused these skills to be considered less important, which is all well and good in semiformal and/or casual communication, but it has made a lot of people think that they can write—and maybe they can … but maybe they can’t.

Writing quality is subjective, but professional writers have the expertise to capture the reader’s attention—and hold it. No matter what type of written material you seek to create, the reader’s attention is what you need to make the writing effective. Whether you want to create your own website, start a new business, write the great American novel, craft a great presentation, manuscript/book proposal, business plan, or any other written material that matters to you, the quality of the writing is essential. Simply put, whatever you write needs to read well. It needs to be a page-turner, even if those “pages” are the computer screen.

Look no further than us to find the expert professional writing you need for 21st-century content—whether in print, digital, or online. We find the right words for our clients, and we’ll find the right words for you! (For more about our philosophy: Finding the Right Words/Putting It in Writing.)

We Will Work as Your Writing Partner

You are the expert on your business, your project, or whatever you seek our assistance with wordsmithing for. We partner with you to make your content the best it can be—accurate, polished, captivating, and synergistic with 21st-century technology. Wouldn’t you rather have the benefit of an expert’s guidance and talent? Of course you would!

Think of us as your experts. Let us exceed your expectations. Tell us about you and your business, your projects, your goals. We will find the right words to perfectly reflect your mission and ideals. Given our ever-changing, fast-paced world and the challenges of our present economy, no one can afford to waste time or money. So spend your time and money on the turnkey content services that will provide you with fantastic writing!

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