Hire a professional writer/editor to transform
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Lisa Drucker

Legacy Content Repurposing

Existing material from your archives professionally resculpted to compete in today’s marketplace.

Remember that newsletter you spent hours working on in Publisher in 1998? Sure, it was great then, but now it sounds so trite, so dull, so old. Ugh! “Just toss it,” you tell yourself. “Hmm … wait a second, isn’t there something about intellectual-property value? Maybe I should just tweak it a bit to use for my new brochure.”

You shouldn’t just toss it, but you shouldn’t just tweak it, either. It’s difficult to retool your own words; that’s why a good editor is necessary. However, repurposing is more than editing; it’s breathing new life—creativity and innovation—into something that already exists, and quite likely worked effectively in a different time and setting. This process takes professional finesse and a visionary outlook; it demands the ability to look at contemporary trends and then revise an older narrative to express them in a way that captivates a contemporary audience.

“Repurposing” is also a deeper process than simply revising. It is closer to “reinventing,” because it demands a flexible imagination, combined with solid writing skills. It also requires the ability to envision ways to express classic information in a brand-new form. For example, a keynote speech that inspired an entire audience might find new life as an app or an e-book.

We call it “resculpting” because it requires a far-seeing eye (visionary) and a deft hand (finesse), much like a sculptor who sees a magnificent form where the rest of us only see a chunk of marble.

Repurposing usually involves change of format/media (e.g., printed corporate literature to website copy; printed how-to manual to interactive digital product); but sometimes it just entails updating material in the same or similar format (e.g., copy written several years ago for a website you never launched but now intend to; a book you published with a vanity press years ago that you now want to launch as an e-book), but with more of an overhaul than an edit would provide. (Please see the levels of service we offer, and contact us for a professional assessment of the optimal way to approach your material.)

We can repurpose any type of legacy content, and then tailor it to meet your specific needs and goals. Tell us what you need, and we will resculpt your archival materials into dynamic, 21st-century copy. Trust our expertise, which allows us to determine how best to reconfigure classic information into dynamic, compelling materials that will stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can innovate your archival materials to help reinvigorate your business or project! Custom legacy content repurposing is priced on a per-project basis. [Client is responsible for ensuring his or her ownership of legacy content prior to our repurposing it.]

(To learn more about our philosophy: Finding the Right Words/Putting It in Writing; for details about what we offer: Writing & Editing Services and Content Development.)