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Corporate Communications

Ideal words for your business!

In today’s business environment, corporate communications involves more than executive speechwriting, corporate literature, and company press releases. A lot of interaction is B2C, which means you have to relate to consumers one-on-one. Even B2B settings are much more relaxed than ever before. It’s essential to set your business apart, but in a way that captivates and engages consumers—that’s how they become customers! Effective B2B is equally important, as that is the way to develop win-win partnerships.

You might be able to nail a sales pitch or dominate a board meeting, but those skills might not help you write about your company, products, or services in a way that will speak to the average consumer. You may have fantastic success talking to people one-on-one about your products, services, or company, but when you try to write the literature, it just comes out wrong. If this sounds like you—or even if you can’t quite describe what your specific writing dilemma is—worry no longer, because your dilemma is over.

We think of corporate communications as the words you need for your business. If it can be put in writing, we can write it! Even better, we customize it to uniquely reflect your business, products, and services.

Types of corporate-communications materials we most frequently receive requests to provide include:

  • Company and product literature
  • Web copy
  • Advertising copy and advertorials
  • Catalog, sell-sheet, and/or point-of-interest feature copywriting
  • Newsletters, brochures, and flyers
  • Instructional literature

We can also write other types of customized corporate-communications materials, tailored to meet your specific business needs, objectives, and goals. 

If you want your business materials to be unforgettable—written with innovation and intelligence—look no further than us. We don’t write any other way. Let us use our twenty-plus years’ experience to find the right words for your business.

(For more about our philosophy: Finding the Right Words/Putting It in Writing; for details about what we offer: Writing & Editing Services and Content Development; also see which level of service is right for you. Contact us to discuss your objectives, and allow us the opportunity to provide a professional assessment of the optimal way to approach your material.)

Only trust an expert! Contact us today to learn more about how we can put the power of the right words to work for your business! Rates are based on project complexity and other particulars.