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Lisa Drucker

Transformation of Ideas

into Reality – Writing

What transforms an idea into reality? Writing! More precisely, words; but if the words aren’t written, the concept isn’t entirely concrete. Images can express an idea, but we still need words to explain it. Even when an image is evocative—or provocative—what it calls forth within us is a feeling, which we express and explain using words. We understand and relate to our world through words.

Words are commodities. They have value. We use them to exchange information—personally, locally, nationally, and globally. The written word has the power to transform ideas and concepts into reality.

Although many people see the Information Age as heralding the end of “print” and/or the “written word,” this is a fear-based, Doomsday-esque prediction. If you can read it, it’s the written word—the format doesn’t matter.

All this interests writers, readers, and word lovers, but what does it have to do with everyone else? In a word, everything. The written word, when used in this sense, is technology. We don’t think of it that way because we are so used to written words—whether printed, online, or handwritten—but writing is a form of technology. So, while you may or may not find words interesting, they impact you significantly. They shape the way you think and relate to everything around you. It’s up to you whether you think about this in a philosophical way; but, regardless, words affect you, and they play an intrinsic role in your everyday life.

Moving on from philosophy to practicality, as a businessperson (and even if what you’re selling is your manuscript, that’s what you are), you ignore the importance of words at your own peril. No business or product can succeed without words. It is, after all, “word of mouth” that builds success.

In the logical progression of things, it only follows that words, which are commodities of great value in the exchange of information in the global marketplace of ideas—and, more specifically, written words (in print or online), which have the power to transform ideas and concepts into reality—should only be entrusted to the care of an expert. A professional writer is both an artisan and a technologist, because writing is an art and the written word is technology.

All that said, it’s a given to see that hiring a professional writer is your way of ensuring that your words can compete effectively in the global marketplace of ideas. Transform your brilliant concepts into reality with the expert guidance of a wordsmith who understands the power and value of words—that’s what a true 21st-century word guru does.