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Lisa Drucker

Recession Proof!

We’ve all read a lot about what is, and isn’t, recession proof. Unfortunately, the what-isn’t list is a lot longer than the what-is list. But, fortunately, some key items on the what-is list are available here: writing, communication, and reading comprehension.

Hmm. Not necessarily things you think of as being recession proof, are they? But think about it, and you’ll see that they are.

In any economy, people need to communicate effectively and comprehend what they read. If what they have to read is written well, that’s half the battle. Which means that if your business literature is well written, you’ll have more short-term and long-term customers—which, in turn, will result in short-term and long-term success and profitability for your business.

Who would have thought that a professional writer could be your most valuable colleague and service provider in any economy?

Why wait? Your recession-proof plan might be just a word away!​