Hire a professional writer/editor to transform
your ideas into polished, stand-out copy.
Lisa Drucker

Content Development

Customized copy specifically designed to meet your objectives.

We develop your content by polishing your ideas and concepts into captivating copy—that’s what wordsmiths do. We tailor your copy to meet your needs and reflect your goals. If it can be put in writing, we can write it! Even better, we customize it so it is as unique as your objectives are.

When you decided to start your own business—whatever it is—you also decided to be a groundbreaker. That isn’t easy. In fact, it’s hard; more than that, it can be lonely. It’s easy to fit into cookie-cutter patterns, but it’s hard to stand apart…to stand out. But if you want to get noticed, that’s what you have to do. Find a clear voice, stand tall, and own what you have to offer—that’s what breeds success…and profitability. Cookie-cutter methods may offer the promise of predictable results, but they are usually short-term and disappointing. Entrepreneurs usually aren’t satisfied with mediocrity or sameness; they thrive in dynamic environments where they can take risks and feel alive. You found what you’re good at and threw yourself into it with all you’ve got. That takes grit and guts and courage and integrity. Stay true to yourself!

​Shouldn’t anything written about your business reflect all of the above? Shouldn’t it focus on why you’re proud of what you do and the services/products you offer? Shouldn’t it make potential customers want what you have? Yes! Of course it should.
Captivating writing captivates readers … plain and simple. Let us create the content that will captivate your potential customers by setting you apart from the competition.

Types of content development that we most frequently receive requests to provide include:

•    Book-length manuscripts
•    Manuals or other types of instructional literature
•    Corporate and product literature
•    Web copy
•    Advertising copy and advertorials
•    Catalog, sell-sheet, and/or point-of-interest feature copywriting
•    Newsletters (corporate or product-based)
•    Brochures (product- or consumer-based)
•    Flyers (product- or consumer-based)

Custom Content

We can also write other types of custom content, tailored to meet your specific needs and goals (for business, organization, or personal projects). Tell us what you need, and we will find the right words for you! (Please see the levels of service we offer, and contact us for a professional assessment of the optimal way to approach your material.)

Writing and editing are more art than science. There is a lot more to writing than spelling, grammar, and punctuation—even if you remember all the rules. On the other hand, if you want copy that readers will remember—whether it’s a novel, how-to guide, product literature, or website—you need a professional writer.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring “just anyone” to write for, or about, you, your business, or your organization; or to edit or proofread your copy, either. Only trust an expert. Twenty-plus years’ experience in writing, editing, proofreading, and corporate communications endows our work with precision, integrity, and style.

Effective Words for Your Project

If your goal is to have your content written innovatively, intelligently, and unforgettably, look no further than us. We don’t write any other way. And we edit with integrity and discretion, and proofread with eagle-eye precision.

(For more about our philosophy: Finding the Right Words/Putting It in Writing.)

Contact us today to learn more about how we can put the power of the right words to work for your business! Or for whatever type of project you require content-development assistance to perfect. Custom content is priced on a per-project basis.