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Lisa Drucker

Finding the Right Words/

Putting It in Writing

“Finding the right words” and “putting it in writing” are fine arts. Yes, you can master the rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling—but such mastery, even if attained, is mechanical, not artistic. Effective writing that captivates and persuades readers, whether to purchase a product or buy a book, is not about mechanical mastery, it is about the art of expression. Excellence, continuity, creativity, imagination, and innovation are our writing goals; these are the qualities that make writing great and effective.

If you pursue consistent excellence, and refuse to accept less, you already know that the most and the best you can do is find what you’re good at, and then express it with integrity for all that you’re worth. That’s how we write. Every right word that we find for our clients, we find with that principle in mind. If this resonates for you, we’ll be your ideal wordsmith.

Finding the words might be easy—finding the right words is an art, and so is putting it in writing.

Content & Writing Specialties

  • Content creation/development/repurposing (for print, digital, and web formats)
  • Ghostwriting and credited collaboration
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising copy and advertorials
  • Press releases/media copy
  • Product literature
  • Corporate communications
  • Catalog and sell-sheet copy (including points-of-interest feature writing)

Content & Writing Expertise

  • Full-length fiction and nonfiction (personal growth/development, inspiration/self-help, popular psychology, spirituality/comparative religion, mythology, arts and humanities, and more)
  • Condensed reference/educational materials (gamut of topics: K–12 and college-level academics; medical-school, allied-health, and medical-tech training; law-school and legal-professional training; vocational training; health, nutrition, and consumer-oriented medical information; home improvement, general interest, arts and crafts, and more)
  • Writing and rewriting for virtually any genre, purpose, and/or format
  • All levels of editing (developmental editing, substantive editing, line editing, and copyediting; proofreading/consistency maintenance [with the guarantee of an experienced editor’s eye for detail and accuracy])
  • Content Management System (CMS) writing and editing in back-end (Joomla, .Net)

All the above specialties and expertise apply to print, digital, and web formats.

(For details about what we offer: Writing & Editing Services and Content Development; also see which level of service is right for you. Contact us to discuss your objectives, and allow us the opportunity to provide a professional assessment of the optimal way to approach your material.)