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Lisa Drucker

After realizing he has already cheated death by not arriving at the Pentagon early that morning, Cameron receives a presidential order via the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: find who committed the catastrophic terrorist acts against the United States. Meanwhile, as New York Times reporter Josselyn Jeffrey slowly makes her way through the horror as the South Tower falls, she only has one regret in life—losing Cameron, the love of her life.
As Cameron and Josselyn struggle through the aftermath, they each recall their moments shared together and the years they lived apart. Now only time will tell if destiny and a life-changing tragedy have the power to bring the two lovers together once again.

Arise, O Phoenix is a story of love’s indomitable power and the triumph of the human spirit that rise from the ashes of 9/11 to remind us all of the only things that truly matter in life.

Arise, O Phoenix is divided into four sections, all contained in the same volume: “On Our Own Soil”; “All’s Fair”; “Without You”; “Forever Changed”.

Book I – On Our Own Soil
Arise, O Phoenix opens on September 11, 2001, and we witness the main characters’ experiences on that terrible day. 

Book II – All’s Fair
The tragedy of 9/11 causes the heroine and hero of Arise, O Phoenix to reflect on the past, and in book II we read about their experiences during the Vietnam War, when they fell in love.

Book III – Without You
The heroine and hero of Arise, O Phoenix continue to reflect on the past, and in book III we follow their separate lives during the years that followed the Vietnam War and Josselyn’s life-changing decision in Israel. 

Book IV – Forever Changed
The fourth and final book of Arise, O Phoenix closes during the days immediately following 9/11, showing us that love and the human spirit, like the phoenix, have the power to rise from the ashes of tragedy.

Arise, O Phoenix was written to pay tribute to the heroes and victims of 9/11, so we never forget all that was lost on that terrible day.

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Print versions are 5.5 x 8.5, and are available in trade paperback and hardcover (dust jacket) formats. Also available as an e-book compatible for most popular devices. 

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Arise, O Phoenix is a work of fiction that was written in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks. All of the characters, names, incidents, organizations, events, and dialogue in this novel are either the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Arise, O Phoenix

by Lisa K. Drucker​

An Unforgettable Novel about 9/11

A twist of fate following 9/11 brings a pair of long-lost lovers together again.

Love and the Human Spirit Triumph over Tragedy ...

September 11, 2001, is starting off like any other day. By 5:15 a.m., Cameron Burke, a Vietnam vet and member of the military intelligence special operations unit, is running along the Potomac. As he completes his run and mentally plans his day, Cameron has no idea that in mere hours, everything will change—not only for him, but for everyone in the world

Published Works

Aside from her education background and professional expertise, Lisa Drucker is a published author. Her most recent book is Arise, O Phoenix, a novel she self-published with iUniverse. Before that, she authored ASVAB Flashcards for Research Education Association, Inc. (REA). This project was particularly gratifying for her because of its potential to assist our servicemen/women. Prior to that, she wrote the Princess-in-Training Manual, a work of fiction, which was published by Red Dress Ink/Harlequin. Fans from across the country and around the world still contact the pseudonymous Princess Jacqueline de Soignée to let her know how much her amusing self-help spoof has entertained—and illuminated—their lives. Numerous self-publishing projects, in both print and digital venues, are currently in the works.