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Lisa Drucker

21st-Century Word Guru:

Professional Writing & Editing

What is a 21st-century word guru? Quite simply, it is a one-stop, turnkey resource for finding the right words in today’s constantly changing world.

Many writers remain stuck in the 20th century, preferring printed pages to the screen. Here, words are words. And we take the tasks of “finding the right words” and “putting it in writing” very seriously—because accomplishing those tasks is what we do for our clients. We just love words! Print, online, digital—the media and formats don’t matter … the words do! If you need help “finding the right words” or “putting it in writing,” we can meet your needs. We understand that digital means technology and writing have to work together, harmonizing with and complementing each other.

Thanks for visiting. If you would like more information, or if you want to discuss your writing or editing needs, please contact us. We hope to “find the right words” and “put it in writing” for you soon!